Tara Lynne’s A Geek Saga Podcast: Episode 2, Con-Versations Volume 1

tara lynne's geek saga podcast

Episode 2 of Tara Lynne’s A Geek Saga Podcast was originally aired as a live webcast, “A Geek Saga’s Con-Versations: Volume 1” on June 11, 2017.


I was joined by Bekah (@starshineonfire), Chloe (@liesandarborgol), & Izzy (@gallifreysbae) to discuss why we attend conventions, which ones are our favorites, and the many different types of conventions: industry vs. non-industry, corporate vs. non-corporate, single-fandom vs. multi-fandom, and more!

geek saga podcast episode 2 tara lynne webcast

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